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How To: Measure For Your Awning

Step 4

Mounting Type

Step 3



Step 2


Step 1


4 easy steps

Step 1

Measure Height

 Measure the height of the wall where you want to install your awning. A minimum height of

7 feet 6 inches in required,

from your deck or patio floor

to the bottom of any roof,

eave, or overhang.

Step 2

Measure Width

 Measure along the wall of your house at the desired mounting height to determine your

awning width.

Step 3

Electrical Placement

 For Motorized models only:

Please indicate whether you want your electrical awning as you

face the house.

It should be closest to your outdoor electrical outlet.ages, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Step 4

Mounting Type

Wall Brackets (most common)

Requires 8 inches of clear, unobstructed horizontal space along the entire width of your awning at the height it is being mounted.

Soffit Brackets

Only used when mounting to the underside of an overhang.


Roof Brackets

Require further consultation.

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